EdgeStar CRF321SS Under $500 Refrigerator Review

The CRF321AA under $500 refrigerator is a compact unit designed to fit into most small apartments and dormitories. It comes with a separate door for the freezer thereby giving you the ability to separately store items that need to be frozen. One beautiful thing about the EdgeStar apartment size refrigerator is the fact that it has almost all the features that you will find in a full-size refrigerator. Its silver finish makes it blend perfectly well with most interior home designs. There are so many more features you will enjoy from purchasing this quality product.

refrigerator under $500

Features of the EdgeStar CRF321SS Under $500 Refrigerator

True Zero Degree Freezer

Not all refrigerators under $500 have the capacity of producing up to zero-degree temperature. Some will only go as low as 10 degrees and not below. The EdgeStar CRF321SS apartment size refrigerator comes with a true zero-degree freezer which is just what you need to keep perishable foods safe for as long as you want.

Reversible Door and Door Bins

refrigerators under $500

One of the features that come with most modern apartment size refrigerators is reversible doors. Without this feature, it will be impossible to position your fridge at certain areas of your home. The refrigerator comes with the hinge on the right side meaning that it opens from left to right. If you are to install the fridge in a position where the door will be unable to open from left to right, all you need to do is unscrew the hinge and screw it to the right side of the fridge.

Adjustable Temperature Control

refrigerator under $500

An apartment size refrigerator without a temperature control makes it difficult for one to refrigerate specific types of food, especially those that require a certain set temperature to maintain their texture. The EdgeStar CRF321SS comes with a durable thermostat that allows you set the interior temperature to your desired level between 34 – 60F

Interior Lighting

At times we love to snack on some foods at night. Some refrigerators under $500 doesn’t come with interior lighting system, and this makes it inconvenient for you to grab your favorite food any time at night. The Edgestar CRF321SS under $500 refrigerator is fitted with a crystal-clear lighting system that enables you reach out to your favorite food any time at night.

Energy Star Rated

If at this modern day, your refrigerator isn’t energy star rated, then you are most likely spending in excess for electricity bills. With this EdgeStar under $500 refrigerator, you will find yourself spending less for electricity bills. This makes it perfect for a small apartment with a tight budget on utility bills.

What Customers are Saying about the EdgeStar CRF321SS Under $500 Refrigerator

The Edgestar CRF321SS has got a large positive review ratio which definitely makes it one of the best refrigerator under $500 in the market. Out of 94 total reviews on Amazon, 69% of customers left a 5-star review, 18% left a 4-star review, 7% left a 3-star review, 2% left a 2-star review, and 4% could go no higher than 1-star. The average falls at 4.4/5 which is probably one of the best figures you will find out there for a refrigerator under $500. There is therefore a very high chance that you will enjoy this refrigerator if you go ahead to purchase it.

The Positive Reviews

The 69% 5-star review obviously shows that almost everyone who purchased this refrigerator were satisfied with it.

One of the positive reviewers claim that he loves the fridge and would fancy buying a second one soon enough. He also says that he loves the clear freezer door, and that the price of the product is really great. He however complained about the time it took for the product to reach him. 2 months is quite a long time but who knows, he may have been living very far away from the warehouse from where the refrigerator was shipped.

The next positive review comes from a single man who said he has been using a 3 cubic feet fridge for years with very little space for him to store his foods. He needed a change and opted for the Edgestar CRF321SS apartment size refrigerator. As at the time of writing the review, he has been using the refrigerator for about a week and is happy with the size, temperature, layout, height, and every other thing.

The next positive review I just can’t help but recognize is from a young man who claims that he has had the Edgestar CRF321SS under $500 refrigerator for almost 5 years. He however ordered a new one which according to him, came neatly packaged. After giving the refrigerator a few hours for its coolant to settle, he turned it on and it was exactly what he expected.

The next positive review comes from a customer who had just few words to qualify his new apartment size refrigerator. He claimed that the refrigerator works great, very quiet, keeps ice cream frozen, and makes excellent ice. He is also happy about the refrigerator energy saving design which helps keep his bill at the barest minimum.

The Negative Reviews

Taking a look at a product which has a 4% 1-star review in comparison to a 69% 5-star review, one could easily conclude that the product is worth purchasing. It is exactly so with this EdgeStar CRF321SS under $500 refrigerator. Scanning through the entire reviews, I could only find four 1-star comments out of the whole 94 comments.

The first one comes from an unsatisfied customer who claimed to have purchased two of these units with none working beyond one day. This is quite disappointing, but a rare occurrence anyways.

The second negative review comes from another unsatisfied customer who claims that the refrigerator is too small and warm. He also claims that the door doesn’t close properly. From my point of view, his complaint about the size of the refrigerator is baseless since the dimensions of the refrigerator is clearly stated on Amazon. The issue with the door and the coolness is most likely a factory error.

Final Thoughts

The EdgeStar CRF321SS under $500 refrigerator is definitely a top performer when it comes to apartment size refrigerators. It has got similar features with the other leading brands in the market and is loved by a lot of its customers. The bunch of positive reviews it has garnered over time on Amazon shows that it stands up tall as one of the best refrigerators under $500 out there.

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