Haier HC17SF15RB Mini Fridge Review

The Haier HC17SF15RB mini fridge is an excellent option if you are in need of that small fridge that can fill in the gap in your room or office. Being in existence for so many decades, the Haier Group have earned their fair share of trust from varieties of consumers who have been purchasing home appliances since time immemorial.

The Haier HC17SF15RB is just one of the numerous models of refrigerators in the Haier brand. It’s also one of the few mini refrigerators they have. Other similar models include Haier HC27SF22RB, Haier HC32SA42SB, Haier HC40SG42SS, and Haier HC40SG42SS. Out of these models, the Haier HC17SF15RB mini fridge has managed to gain more recognition from consumers probably due to its size and affordable cost. One good thing about the Haier Brand is that their refrigerators are designed with all the necessary features required for them to compete at the topmost level. Check out some of these features below.

Haier HC17SF15RB Mini Fridge Features

Half-width Freezer Compartment

haier mini fridge half width freezer

Some brands do not include a freezer compartment in their mini refrigerators probably due to the space it occupies, or maybe because they think customers wouldn’t need it. The fact is, a freezer adds that extra finishing touch that is supposed to come with refrigerators. Obviously you wouldn’t put bottles of water in the freezer compartment, but there are other important food items like desserts that tastes better when frozen.  Consider a situation at the office after several hours of hectic work, you want to cool off with your favorite food and cannot due to the absence of a freezer. The Haier mini fridge series come with a freezer compartment which is just enough to contain your small food items. It also has an ice cube tray so that you can enjoy your favorite iced drink whenever you want to.

Full-width Slide-Out Wire Shelf

haier mini fridge wire shelf

The Haier HC17SF15RB mini fridge comes with a full-width wire shelf which is placed in the best position possible within the fridge. Although the position cannot be changed, you can conveniently put moderately large sized containers at the base of the refrigerator while smaller containers and fruits will sit comfortably on the wire shelf. If you happen to have a larger container that wouldn’t fit properly at the base of the fridge, you can temporarily remove the wire shelf and see if the container fits.

One major challenge with using wire shelves in refrigerators is the ability of the metal to rust after several years of usage. The wire shelf in this unit is properly coated with anti-rust paint to ensure that it never becomes rusty no matter how long the fridge lasts.

Well Partitioned Door Storage Shelf

haier mini fridge door storage

We have seen the doors of countless refrigerators converted into shelves that can store as much items as possible. For a small fridge as this Haier HC17SF15RB mini fridge, one would think that it is impossible to store a lot of items in it, and you may be proven wrong. The door shelf on this Haier mini fridge is partitioned in such an excellent manner that every section of the door is maximized. There is space for one family size Coca-Cola bottle.  It could also accommodate a bottle of whisky or any other similar sized bottle if you are not a fan of Coca-Cola. The large bottle storage takes about one-third of the door, while the remaining two-third is shared into two. The upper shelve should be able to store two canned drinks or food, while the bottom shelve would store a container about twice the size of canned drinks.

Manual Defrost with Adjustable Thermostat


The Haier HC17SF15RB mini fridge is designed with a manual defrost feature which may be a turn off for some but shouldn’t really be. Frost build up in refrigerators that are left on for several days and it is necessary to get rid of them from time to time. Automatic defrost technology employ heating elements within the refrigerators to get rid of frost. Although it seems easy to have and use an auto defrost refrigerator, the addition of a heating element leads to more power consumption. And more power consumption leads to an increase your electricity bills. That is one advantage manual defrost refrigerators have over their auto defrost counterparts. In order to defrost this Haier HC17SF15RB mini fridge, all you need do is turn the temperature knob positioned within the fridge to the off position. Meanwhile, you can store frozen foods which you wouldn’t want to thaw in a cooler for the time duration. As soon as the frost is gone, simply turn the temperature knob back and your fridge will start working again.

Adjustable Leveling Legs

haier mini fridge leveling leg

Refrigerators at times are installed on a platform where the legs are unable to lap properly with the platform. In such a situation, your mini fridge will continue dangling like a seesaw and you’ll most likely not like it. The conventional way of solving this little challenge is to get something like a folded piece of paper, or small wood which would be placed below the unleveled leg. While this has worked well right from time, the better and more advanced idea is to have screwable legs that can be tightened or loosed. This solves all leveling problem without an extra item that would end up altering the appearance of your Haier HC17SF15RB mini fridge.


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The Haier HC17SF15RB mini fridge has definitely got what it takes to stand as one of the best mini refrigerators in the market today. It’s features are not limited to it’s compact size unlike some models that are unable to accommodate all essential features within a small appliance. Whether you need this Haier mini fridge in your room, kitchen, or office, you will definitely not be disappointed. And above all, its energy consumption is within normal levels so you wouldn’t feel troubled at the end of the month when it is time to pay your electricity bills. If you feel this Haier mini fridge is too small for you, then why not check out the Avanti Apartment Size Refrigerator.

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