Hisense RR63D6ASE Review – Refrigerators Under $500

There are a handful of refrigerators under $500 out there, and making a choice could be difficult, especially if you have never bought something similar before. In this kind of situation, a lot of people will opt to go with the big names out there which is not a very bad idea. However, there are other important facts which you ought to take into consideration.

The Hisense RR63D6ASE is one of the few refrigerators under $500 which are capable of solving all your cooling needs. It is not too big, and not too small. This apartment size fridge is just the perfect equipment for a medium sized apartment. It’s bright LED lighting and portable transparent drawers makes it easy for you to see the contents of the drawer easily. The freezer is very effective and gets cold as quickly as possible. Defrosting it is also easy as all you need do is to push a button. There are a lot more features you will enjoy from purchasing this product.

Features of the Hisense RR63D6ASE Under $500 Refrigerator

Brilliant Stainless-Steel Design

Although most refrigerators come with a stainless-steel finish, the Hisense RR63D6ASE looks more elegant and professional. The silver spray makes it blend with most home designs and will most likely blend with yours. While some other refrigerators under $500 give in to rust due to poor finish, the Hisense RR63D6ASE doesn’t. It retains its pretty looks for years as long as you keep carrying out the necessary periodic maintenance.

5.5 cu. ft. and 0.8 cu. ft. Compartments

The refrigerator and freezer compartments are 5.5 and 0.8 cubic feet respectively. This makes it perfect for a small sized family with no intention of spending so much on a refrigerator. It is also perfect for newly wedded couples who do not have a lot of items to refrigerate at the early stage of their marriage.

Spacious Door Shelves

One issue with most companies involved with the design of refrigerators under $500 is the fact that they are unable to properly create shelves on the door of their refrigerators. This product is quite an upgrade in that sense as it comes with 3 door shelves which are properly spaced. You can therefore maximize the space within the fridge by arranging items of varying sizes neatly on the door of the refrigerator.

Low Energy Consumption

This is one feature a lot of customers love about cooling and heating appliances. The ability to consume extremely low energy helps prevent excessive electricity bills. A lot of refrigerators under $500 are designed to be power efficient and this product is definitely one of them.

Semi-Automatic Defrost Design

A lot of refrigerators under $500 are not designed to be defrosted. This Hisense fridge is quite different in the sense that it comes with a semi-automatic defrost design. Although not automatic, the fact that it can be defrosted in the first place makes it unique from other refrigerators out there. Simply push the button as soon as you notice frost build up and it will take a few minutes to defreeze before continuing its normal working operation.

What Customers are Saying about the Hisense RR63D6ASE Under $500 Refrigerator

The under $500 refrigerator has a lot of positive reviews on Amazon. Out of 109 purchases, 42% rewarded it with a 5-star review, 25% left a 4-star review, 7% left a 3-star review, 6% left a 2-star review, and 20% left a 1-star review. The sum total is 3.5 stars out of 5 which is not very bad. It goes to prove that a good number of customers are satisfied with the product.

The Positive Reviews

One beautiful thing I noticed about this product is that the 42% of people who left a 5-star review were extremely impressed with the product.

One customer simply called the refrigerator a perfect size fridge! He goes on to discuss some of the features above and is really glad to have made the purchase. He also claims that every visitor that visits his home compliments the looks of the fridge and its ability to serve a small family effectively.

Another happy customer who left a 5-star review claimed that the fridge is so compact and perfect for a 1-2 person apartment. He also said that he installed his in his patio making it quite useful during summer seasons. He is however not certain about the durability of the refrigerator but claims that he will buy another one for the next summer if need be, since it is really cheap.

One more positive review I would love to discuss is that of a customer who loves the design of the fridge. He is particularly in love with the interior and exterior finish. He however complained of the absence of a handle or an indent showing the right place to grab when opening the door.

The Negative Reviews

Taking a look at the series of 1-star reviews for this product, I couldn’t help but notice a customer who was actually impressed with this refrigerator. He claimed that the refrigerator works well; is perfect for a couple; incurs low electricity cost; and makes a low noise during operation. He is however upset that the refrigerator arrived with a broken freezer door and has been unable to contact the manufacturers. While this is clearly a con, slight damages are sometimes inevitable when shipping breakable products. Hopefully he gets in contact with the manufacturers soon.

A further look into the 1-star reviews of this product makes me notice another customer who complains about the awful customer service related with this product. He said that the product arrived with a broken crisper drawer, but works perfectly well.

Still looking at the 1-star review, I noticed another customer who complained about receiving a dented fridge and is not really happy about the situation. He however went on to say that the product is one of the best refrigerators under $500 out there as it works perfectly well and also conserves energy. The only issue is the dent which obviously disfigures its looks.

Final Thoughts

The Hisense RR63D6ASE is definitely an ideal option if you are looking for refrigerators under $500. It comes with a handful of features which have already been discussed above and is perfect for a small family. The handful of positive reviews suggest that a good number of customers are satisfied with the quality of the product. The negative reviews however do not suggest otherwise. A critical analysis of the negative reviews shows that customers are dissatisfied with the product because it arrived disfigured.

This is definitely as a result of handling during shipping and not the fault of the manufacturers. The manufacturers however could have redeemed their image by responding quickly to dissatisfied customers to prevent further uproar.

In all honesty, this refrigerator is definitely worth every penny in terms of design and quality. However, you would be better off purchasing it from a city that is close to the supplier to prevent extended shipping time. This will ultimately solve all problems related to poor handling during shipping.

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