KCO273SS Kitchenaid Convection Oven Review

Kitchenaid convection oven happens to feature as one of the best convection ovens in the industry today and the KCO273SS clearly proves this claim. It is packed with a host of features which offer quality, durability, and above all, user satisfaction.

The brand, Kitchenaid has been in existence since the year 1919 and has solely focused on kitchen appliances. Unlike other brands that tend to diverge from their prime niche, Kitchenaid manufactures kitchen appliances only, and this has made them the best in the industry. Their first ever appliance was the stand mixer back in 1919. Today, they have a range of kitchen appliances which can boldly win the contest of the best appliance in their various categories.

The KCO273SS Kitchenaid convection oven is one of such appliances that can boldly stand at the forefront along with other leading appliances such as the Cuisinart TOB 260 N1, Breville BOV800XL, and Hamilton Beach 3103A.


Features of the KCO273SS Kitchenaid Convection Oven

12-Inch Interior Capacity

kitchenaid convection oven pizza

With 12-inch interior capacity, you’ve got ample space to prepare a variety of foods. It doesn’t matter whether you occupy a small apartment alone, or you live with your family in a big apartment. This appliance is more than able to prepare sumptuous dishes that will go round each and every one. And even if you have visitors, there is a high probability that you would only need two cooking sessions to feed everyone.


9 Pre-Programmed Functions

kitchenaid convection oven 9 Preprogrammed cooking

Being able to prepare a wide range of dishes is one of the beauties of convection ovens. This unit comes with 9 pre-programmed functions offering you a host of cooking options. You may either Bake, Toast, prepare Pizza, Asado Roast, Broil, Bagel, prepare Cookies, or reheat already cooked foods. You have the option of using the convection function to prepare any of these foods as long as they permit convection cooking.


Non-Stick Interior Coating

kitchenaid convection oven non-stick interior coating

This Kitchenaid convection oven comes with a non-stick internal coating which makes cleaning very easy. A lot of people leave their oven dirty after usage and the reason is probably due to the difficulty they face removing stuck food items on the walls. With the KCO273SS, you no longer have to be worried when it comes to cleaning, as food items will never get stuck on the walls of the oven. By using a damp cloth, you can wipe the interior and exterior of the oven restoring the shiny looks it had before you started cooking.


Convection Cooking Mode

kitchenaid convection oven mode

The convection cooking mode of this oven can be accessed by the push of a button. Doing this springs the fan and exhaust of the oven into action enabling you bake food evenly and faster. With the efficiency of this Kitchenaid convection oven, you will definitely get the best of convection recipes including cookies, chicken, potato chips, pastries, toasted bread, etc.

To learn how to use the convection settings on your oven, see Thinking of Buying the Best Convection Oven?


Dial Control Knobs

kitchenaid convection oven dial knob

There is a general argument that digital controls are better than dial controls. Well, this may be true if you consider the latest technology trends but it doesn’t really mean dial controls are not good either. In fact, dial controls appear easier to control as you have your various selection clearly shown on the appliance and all you need do is turn the dial. The dial control knobs on this Kitchenaid convection oven are sturdy and easy to rotate. The indications are boldly written too so you do not make a mistake with your selections.


LCD Display

kitchenaid convection ovenlcd display

It is somewhat rare to see an appliance that combines analog controls with digital display. The KCO273SS Kitchenaid convection oven comes with an LCD display, even though it uses analog controls. The display gives you a double confirmation of your selection on the dial knob. Plus, it is bold and clearly visible even if you are not putting on your eye correction glasses.


Additional Cooking Tools Included

kitchenaid convection oven added tools

When you buy the KCO273SS Kitchenaid convection oven, you get additional cooking utensils which may come in handy while preparing certain foods. It makes your cooking easy and saves you the cost of buying these tools if you don’t have them before.  So what are the items you get?

You get one 12-inch non-stick multi-purpose pan, one cooling rack, one non-stick drip tray, and one 12-inch broiling rack.


1 Year Limited Warranty

kitchenaid 1 year warranty

An appliance that comes with a warranty offers consumers peace of mind. The feeling that they wouldn’t have to spend a dime if anything goes wrong within the first year of purchase gives them a form of assurance that the product is worth giving a chance. In the end, the KCO273SS Kitchenaid convection oven is made of high quality and will definitely not let you down.


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Final Thoughts on the KCO273SS Kitchenaid Convection Oven

Convection ovens are loved today by many due to the variety of foods that they can be used to prepare. The fact that they are fast, easy to operate, and convenient leaves their market demand on the high side.The KCO273SS Kitchenaid convection oven is one of the best on the market today and this is clearly proven from the features above. Even with its most significant con (the absence of internal light), a lot of consumers have still shown their love for this appliance by rating it highly online.

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